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Hide your slow HTML or JavaScript code from Search Engines as part of your SEO!

Hide to Spider Review and DEMO page

If you visit this page as an ordinary user you will see big banner in blue on right sidebar. This slow loaded banner will be hidden from Search Engines like Google. You can visit site as Google bot ussing this Chrome extension to try that banner is invisible for Spiders! You can put there what you want instead banner like ads, pop-ups, chats or any HTML/JavaScript code.

More speed, more SEO, more Google rank!

Speed up your site for Google eyes!

The loading speed of your pages is important for its search position. Search engines like Google crawl your site and collect its content and links. Users can wait for the site to load for a few seconds to see your useful content. Search engines only stay on pages for a few milliseconds, and if the site loads slowly, they won’t be able to crawl it in depth. This sends a very bad signal to Search engines and they can rank it down in the SERP ( see more here ).

This plugin gives you the ability to show one content to users and another to Search engines. Generally speaking, hide slow HTML or JavaScript code from Search engines. These can be ads, pop-ups, chat, and etc. You can use this feature in two ways (individually or both):

  • Upload a JavaScript file that will load in the user-only header and be hidden from Search engines
  • Use the new Widget that the plugin adds, where to put your HTML or JavaScript code, which will be hidden from Search engines.

This will significantly increase the loading speed in the eyes of search engines (such as Google) and increase your chances of being ranked higher in the SERP. This feature makes the plugin in „must have“, as there is no alternative to it on the Internet.


The plugin installs like any other WordPress Plugin

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Go to the admin menu and select „Plugins“ -> „Add more“
  3. Select the downloaded plugin file and install
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Go to „Settings“ -> „Hide to Spider“ and set the plugin
  6. Go to „Appearance“ -> „Widgets“ to find the added widget from the plugin
Hide to Spider plugin settings
Hide to Spider plugin settings
Hide to Spider Widget settings
Hide to Spider Witget settings


Question:           Is this technique legal?

The answer:       Showing different content to different users is legal. For example, it has long been accepted to show different content for PC users than those who use smartphones. Use this plugin at your own risk and be careful what you hide from search engines! This plugin works on the edge of Google’s rules about cloaking. You can read a more encouraging comment here.

Question:           Which search engines support the plugin?

The answer:       The plugin hides the content for over 30 bots, including Search engines: Google, yahoo, bing, yandex, alexa, ask, etc.

Question:           Can Search engines know that this technique is used?

The answer:      Unlike other techniques written in JavaScript, the code of this plugin is executed on the server and remains hidden.

Question:           How do I know if this plugin works?

The answer:      To find out that the plugin works, you need to visit your site as a Google bot. To do this, you need to install the Google Chrome extension „User-Agent Switcher“, which you can download here. Set up the extension as Google bot and visit your site. If you put any html or JavaScript code in the plugin, it will not be displayed and will remain hidden.


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